Stacie Thompson Realtor in Greenville, SC

Happy clients, Happy life!

Nothing else matters to me than the satisfaction of the clients and community I serve. Their satisfaction with the home they buy isn't good enough...I want them to be satisfied with  ALL that goes along with buying a home.  There is an art to making sure the process of buying and selling is seamless. Even though I'm not perfect, I strive to be in every way. I want my clients with the best lenders, the best inspectors, and the best attornies. They deserve to have the best of the best. Many have trusted me to coordinate one of the biggest purchases and investments of their life and I'm not sure there is a more humbling feeling around. What an honor it is to serve others on a daily basis through my calling. 

 When I first got into real estate I was a member on one of the top teams in the Greenville Upstate area. I quickly learned the ropes and successfully took numerous transactions from contract to close. I am forever grateful for those early days and steep learning curves. Not only did I build my skills quickly, but I have built a loyal sphere that trusts me to handle all that's involved in the transaction. I quickly became one of the top producers on my team and decided to grow my career by becoming an Independent agent with Allen Tate Realtors. In 2016, I was named a member of Allen Tate's "Master's Circle" and closed $8,000,000 in volume...ranking me in the top 25 agents at Allen Tate in the upstate and among one of the top 100 agents in Greenville. I have built valuable relationships with other agents, brokers, contractors, attornies, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, photographers all across the upstate in order to do one thing- help support my clients I serve. It is important to me that I give all my buyers and sellers the best tools when they are embarking on one of the most exciting, nerve-wracking, and financially imperative adventures of their life!

I have lived in the Greenville area since 2004 when I began my college career at Furman University. I played volleyball and also was a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. After graduating, I taught second grade in Greenville County Schools for three years and have many contacts and relationships with teachers all over the upstate. After staying home with my son, Bennett, I decided it was time to get into the family business of real estate. I grew up with a father who is a general contractor/builder and a mother who was a mortgage broker and then a real estate agent for the later part of my childhood. I am orignally from Fort Myers, Florida and lived in Canton/Alpharetta Georgia for some time before leaving for Furman here in Greenville. My family now resides again on Captiva Island in Florida and my favorite hobbies are boating, shelling, and strolling the beach. I miss them dearly and know they are probably the one client I can never get to move here...but seriously who would in their right mind would want to leave Captiva Island?!                                                                                               ~

I would love to hear your story and connect with you and find out how I can best serve you and your family or friends.

Maybe you just need advice on who to call for your leaky roof or what landscaper is best around town. I am here to help with anything and everything that you call "home." There's no place like it, right? Even with that leaky roof. :)

Maybe you or your family members need help on deciding if it's the right time to sell. Does it make financial sense? I understand! It can be a tough call. I can help you decide what move is best to make (if any at all).  And's free for me to come chat with you and see your house! :)

Maybe you're looking for your first home and need to get out from under the world of renting? I have some of the best lenders in the upstate I partner with and even though it's a scary jump, I'll be there to help you through it all. Lease not ending any time soon? Don't worry...I have a few ideas. Call me.

Maybe you're looking for that forever home or fixer upper? I know we were! What a fun process! (well...sometimes) Luckily everyone I know says I have that eye for design and I've been asked to help decorate, stage, and cozy up many of my friends' homes. If anyone can see vision in a home in the upstate, it's me! And believe me...if I walk into a house with potential you won't get me to stop yapping!

Please give me a call, text, or email and let me know how I can help you. I am here for you and ready to tackle your next adventure and answer all your questions!